Stay Humble

“Always be humble and kind.” Tim McGraw
We ARE NOT as good as we think we are. In fact, there is junk in our lives we don’t even realize is junk until we see it in black and white on the pages of Scripture.
And because this is true, we also don’t realize we are being forgiven for that junk long before we recognize it as sin in need of forgiveness.
This is the sin offering of Leviticus 4. Forgiveness for sin done in ignorance. This is one of the seven sacrifices Jesus fulfilled on the cross, culminating in His statement, “It is finished.”
Thus, we need to stay humble. As Paul writes, “Let anyone who boasts, boast in the Lord.”
As I minister in the realm of law enforcement, I see the ugly side of humanity. I see “good” people on their bad days, and “bad” people on their hellish days.
In order not to become jaded, I filter what I see through the truth: I am just as broken as the next person. I need a Savior who fixes my brokenness today, tomorrow and on the day I will pass through this plane of existence.
If I am to boast at all, I will boast of my Savior, the One who continually fixes my brokenness. This keeps me humble. It also allows me to be kind to other just as broken “good” or “bad” people.
Thank Jesus that you can be fixed! As you do, you’ll stay humble and kind. Everyone, including you, needs a Savior.

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