Growing in Foggy Times

“Hope overcomes fear of the unknown!”
The Scriptures repeatedly tell us that we need to walk with other Jesus believers to deepen our love for Jesus.
The Spirit will use others, at times, to be Jesus’ hands, voice and sometimes His foot to draw us closer to Him.
Yet, we don’t want to walk across that foggy bridge to gather with others out of fear of the unknown. “What if…you fill in the blank.” This fear of the “what ifs” holds us back from growing our faith, a faith that sustains in foggy times.
We must learn from our brothers and sisters in persecuted countries. They know their need of the human factor to keep strong in foggy times at best and stormy times at worst.
A large percentage of Western Christians believe once a week meetings watching the back of other’s heads while listening to a talking head will be enough. They believe that live-streamed messages are good enough or watching “church” on TV will cut it.
They will not. When life takes away your spouse, who is there to hug you? When sickness keeps you down, who is there to bring food to your home? When you start to feel overwhelmed or weak in the knees, who is there to prop you up until you can walk on your own?
Hope is the light that will cut through that fog. Hope that God’s Word is true when it says walking with others will encourage, strengthen and sustain your faith in foggy times.
Who walks across that bridge to gather with you to encourage and strengthen your faith in Jesus? Now is the time, my friends, to find like-minded believers, those willing to walk by faith, not fear, to gather with you to keep you moving forward in your love for Jesus.

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