Change Me Already!

“The key to life is to enjoy Jesus between who you are and who you are becoming.”
I don’t know about you, but I don’t like change. And what’s worse, I really don’t like how long it takes once I begin the process either.
I had an “episode” this past weekend where I shouted, “I don’t like my life! I sure wish I had another one.”
What I should have said was, “Jesus, change me already!” The struggle to shed the old thinking and replace it with the truths that sets one free is hard, really hard, which makes wanting to change that much more difficult.
Yet the truth I must let sink into my soul is that God calls me holy right now while at the same time He says He is making me holy (Hebrews 10:14). Go figure, right?
The application of this truth, though, is that I need to relax as I struggle forward. I need to enjoy my Savior in the moment.
How about you, are you enjoying your moments with Jesus while He inputs His character into your life?
It’s not easy. No positive change ever is, but by faith let’s choose to enjoy the moment with Jesus believing He will finish the job He started in us.

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