The Great Exchange…Today

God didn’t dry up the Red Sea, He parted it.
There are coins on the ground almost everywhere I take my power walks. I pick them up and put them in a jar on my dresser. Every time I see the jar, it reminds me of God’s faithfulness and provision.
When the jar gets full, I take it to a coin machine to exchange for cash. Yet, some of these coins are so scuffed up that even the machine can’t recognize them!
I can either put those coins back in the jar, which makes them unusable; or, I can exchange them for new ones at the bank.
Life scratches all of us. You can either put yourself in the jar of life, never making the difference Jesus recreated you to do. Or, you can let the Spirit exchange your old worthless non-eternal character with Jesus’ powerful eternal character.
Your scratches, when exchanged with Jesus, are stories to tell of a God who not only is loving and faithful, but patient and full of grace.
Let your God change your life. That’s what a healthy Jesus follower does. Your life will get better; and, so will those hearing the Jesus story you have to tell.
You can become like and share Jesus. Make the Great Exchange…today.

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