It’s not how busy you are, but why you are busy. Bees are praised. Mosquitos are swatted!

A good friend once said. “One may not like the answer, but it makes it no less truth and no less reality. One can choose to live according to one’s preferred answer, with the ultimate result of one being a wrecking force within reality.”

We currently live in a world where being safe and feeling good are the prime movers in right or wrong. Both are destructive forces if being safe and feeling good come at the cost of freedom.

Jesus fulfilled His purpose, despite not feeling good or being safe. Yet, He brought freedom, healing and wholeness to our lives.

Fulfill your God given purpose by listening to and following Jesus. As you do, you’ll be a healing agent to a hurting world.

Will it always feel good? No. Will it always be safe? Not a chance! But, is it the most fulfilling path to take? Yes.

A wrecking force or building agent? Thank the Lord, the flowers and the bees get it!

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