Stay Focused on Hope

I don’t know all the details of tomorrow, but I’m in the hands of One who does today.

I heard a poll that shows most Americans are not happy. In fact, they are pessimistic. Some of the factors were Covid, inflation, lack of trust in any political party, and a possible war in the Ukraine.

The first thing that came to mind was the power of hope. In a 1950 Harvard study, “Rats were dropped into a pool of water to test how long they could tread water before sinking. On average, it was 15 minutes.

“Right before they gave up due to exhaustion, they would be plucked out, dried off, given a few minutes rest, and then put back in for round two.

“How long do you think they lasted? 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes? Nope. It was 60 hours!

“The conclusion was that the rats believed that they would be rescued. It was this hope that allowed them to push past what they previously thought impossible.”

Who gives us hope? Jesus! He plucked us out of this world, washed us clean and gave us rest. He provides the hope needed for days like ours.

We, as children of God through faith in what Jesus has already done, have the ultimate life changer living inside us who will not only take care of us today, but also take us home tomorrow!

Stay focused on your source of hope, the one Who can get you through more than you ever thought possible. And then, be ready to share this hope with those in need of hope.

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