Trust His Plan

I have great plans for you, will you trust Me? – Jesus

This is a picture of Saul’s encampment in the Elah Valley during the time when David nailed Goliath. It was taken from a drone, which gives you the bigger picture of what took place here.

It can see two exits/entrances, which means it’s an encampment, not a city, which would only had one. Given it’s vantage point, it could see what someone on the ground couldn’t. 

It is the same with our God. He can see things we can’t. And because He does, His plans are not only much bigger than ours, but are so much better than ours as well. (Isaiah 55:9)

We can only know what we know when we know it. We have a limited human perspective; yet, God’s perspective goes far beyond ours. 

He knows what He knows, but that knowledge includes information from yesterday, today, tomorrow, as well as all the what ifs and possibilities. 

With our limited knowledge, which is sometimes fleeting, will we trust His unlimited knowledge even when we can’t see it let alone know it?  

Waiting is never easy, especially when you are used to doing something! God, however, promises to give us the strength to wait on His better plan, if we ask.

Ask for that strength. As you learn to wait, you’ll experience your God in ways you never thought possible when you didn’t.

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