Looking Forward to a New Beginning

Live the do-over!

This past weekend, was the biblical Feast of Trumpets or what Judaism calls, Rosh Hashanah. Voices shout and trumpets blast on the first day of the seventh month (Lev. 23:23-25).

The number seven is the number of completion; thus, on the first day when something is completed, something new begins. It’s the ultimate reset to learn from and leave the past in the past in order to let God change you in the future – a new beginning.

Jesus gives us the ultimate reset…every single day. On the cross He said, “It is finished.” Paul’s commentary on this is that Jesus died once for all (Romans 6:10).

Jesus’ one sacrifice was enough. Let that sink in. Despite ourselves, we are at peace with the Father today because of Jesus. Yesterday is forgiven.

When the past creeps up, shout out, “It is finished!” Hit the reset button in your head and blast away with thanksgiving that you can experience a new beginning.

Then go live a God provided do-over by loving Him through making better choices to follow Him today.

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