Start Now – Smiles Later

“Don’t wait for things to get better. Tomorrow is not promised. You only have this moment. Take it.” Charles Schultz

There was a man who wanted to see his hospitalized grandmother, but wasn’t allowed in to see her. He didn’t let that stop him. He kept asking and seeking people to talk to until he was finally able to get to the right person who allowed the visit to take place.

You should have seen the look of joy on his grandmother’s face when he came walking through her hospital door.

This story made me think of Noah. Scripture says that he was told something was going to happen that he nor humanity had never experienced before. And yet he acted, today.

I’ll bet when those storm clouds starting rolling in, he too saw the look of joy on his kid’s faces!

If something is important enough, one does not stop trying just because the odds are long. Success is never guaranteed. But one thing is clear: If one does not try, failure is guaranteed.

Start today on what Jesus has asked you to do. Smiles will come, guaranteed.

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