Faith Boost

Faith doesn’t make life easier. It makes experiencing it possible.

In all his years of sailing, he never experienced a storm like this and was definitely scared. And if the storm wasn’t bad enough, along comes a ghost walking on the water that looks like Jesus. Peter and someone else were having a wonderful conversation in his head.

Peter, though, goes completely against conventional and cultural wisdom to get out of the boat. He was actually walking on the water…until the head noise got worse.

“I can’t do this! What was I thinking? Why did I even try? I would have been better off staying in the boat where it was ‘safe’ and known.”

As Peter starts to sink, the head noise got so loud that Peter chose to sink. “I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life, but this tops them all. What made me think I could walk on water? I’m a failure. I’m going to die.”

Chose? It wasn’t like Peter hadn’t seen Jesus work miracles before. He saw what Jesus, who was standing right there, could do. The question was, would he have enough faith to stay on top of the water? Obviously, his faith was too small, which is what Jesus told him.

We all need more faith in and from Jesus. Lack of it is the root of all our failures when the head noise begins. You know, “I’m stupid. I can’t do this. I’ve made so many mistakes, why would God ever want me, let alone work in and through me?” And on and on it goes…if we let it.

Want to defeat it? Ask the Lord for help to stay focused on the truths He’s already given you and a faith boost to put what you know into action.

“Lord, we need more faith to choose to listen to the only voice that counts, Yours. Lord increase our faith so we can experience victory over what we are struggling with today. Let us soar through and above the challenges we’re facing today. Amen.”

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