“To trust God in the light is nothing. To trust Him in the dark – that is faith.” Spurgeon

This is the wilderness of Paran where Moses sent out 12 tour guides (aka spies) to check out the land God promised these former Egyptian slaves – the Israelites.  

God described this piece of real estate as a land flowing with milk and honey. Keep in mind, at this point, they were in the Land! See much of that here? I don’t!

God was asking them to trust that He was fully capable of keeping His promises, even though they couldn’t see the goodness of the Land…yet.

We know the rest of the story. The guides brought back fruit for the people to see with their very own eyes and to touch with their very own fingers some of that milk and honey. They were standing in this desert and could see God’s word come true!

BUT, they heard about the giants and the fortified cities and whined against God. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

No, He was speaking the truth. He was simply asking them to trust Him.

Sometimes God gives us a glimpse of His plans for our lives and at other times He doesn’t. Either way, He wants to deepen our faith in Him in order to keep going, even if we are standing in the wilderness.

He never promises us that His plans for our lives will be easy, but always tasty!

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