Faithful Suffering

“No healthy Christian ever chose suffering. Instead they chose to do God’s will as Jesus did whether it meant suffering or not.” Oswald Chambers

This little guy got knocked down not because he made a mistake, but simply because his opponent was better at that point in the game. 

Yet, what must this guy do if he wants to win? Get back up again. I wish our lives were a straight trajectory upward, but they are not. Life knocks us down. 

Jesus was literally knocked down. He was nailed to a cross not because He sinned, but because He was obedient. 

Suffering doesn’t equate to sin. It does equate, however, with opportunities to grow our faith as seen in our obedience.

We will reign with Christ someday and the pathway to that place is suffering (Rom. 8:17). When life gets hard (aka suffering) keep getting up by faith in the truths the Spirit gives you. 

Victory will come. It’s His promise to you. 

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