Entertainment or Transformation

Prepare for change when miracles come.

God prooved over and over again to the people of Israel that He is God. It took ten miraculous signs and wonders to humble the world’s super, Egypt, to get that message across. Yet, they were not ready for change as they consistently wanted to go back to their old lifestyle. Are we the same?

After leaving Egypt, they set up camp next to a water source. Wonderful, right? Nope. They had the Egyptian army on one side and water on the other. What did they do? Complained. Do we?

The LORD got them through that one, only to let them run out of water to see what they would do. Instead of being changed, they grumbled. Do we?

God got them through that one, only to let them run out of food – bread and meat. Instead of growing in their faith in the LORD, they whined. Do we?

Joshua and Caleb were changed. Are you and I? Jesus died and rose from the grave (miracle) not to be celebrated once a year with great spectacles (entertainment), but to transform our lives with every choice we make today.

God is not in the entertainment business! He doesn’t do miracles for our oohs and aahhs. He does them in order to change our lives through greater faith in Him. Need a miracle? First ask yourself, “Am I ready to be changed?” If not, don’t expect one.

God can get water from a rock and bread from dew. Yet, it’s not about the water or the bread, but about the God who provided them and changing your life because of them.

We live in very “interesting” times. Those around you need to see your changed life, not entertainment. They need to see real hope, not hear oohs and aahhs. Pray for the miracles and the changed lives that will come because of them, starting with you and me.

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