Hope in Death

Death is part of living.

Even in a room full of people, we can feel alone, right? One can feel this way with the Father. He lives within and is all around us; and yet, we feel alone, maybe even on our own.

When this happens, it could be that He is trying to awaken within us the reality that something is dead in our lives. And sometimes, no matter what He does to get our attention, He allows us to taste death to give us the incentive to want to change what we think is not broken.

We all act consistently with what we really believe. This is normalcy. Yet, is what we believe, truth? Jesus said that He is truth. Thus, anything in our head not put there by Him is not true and leads to death.

When we put our faith in what Jesus did for us – died, buried, rose again – the next phase of our life after physical death was made secure. Yet, what about all the bad programming (lies) left in our brains that keeps us from getting closer (death) to the Father right now?

Death and life can co-exist in one place. It’s like a graveyard. My mother-in-law’s grave is shaded by a beautiful colorful tree and covered with green lushes grass.

Though we live in a graveyard called earth, we know that neither physical nor spiritual death are permanent. There is hope that there is life both now and later for the believer in Jesus.

The question is, then, do you want to change? Be careful how you answer that question. Change is hard work. The Spirit may have to do some digging into rooms of your brain that you want to remain closed or have forgotten even existed.

If this is the case, you may have to taste death (feeling alone, lost, forsaken, tears, scared, fearful, angry, etc.) to awaken you to life. Death is not pleasant. But abundant life is.

Oh what a hope Jesus gives us! As he came alive through death, so can we.

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