Keep Going

“Remember what God has done to keep doing what He wants done.”

The moment we put our faith in what Jesus did (lived, died, buried and rose again), we became a new creation with a God given purpose to keep going.

We see this in the book of Joshua. The LORD freed the Israelites from slavery, just like He did for us through the cross.

He then gave the Israelites a purpose to turn the land of Canaan into Israel, based on His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He has a purpose for our lives as well – the “good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Eph 2:10).

Joshua took the land, but it was up to each individual tribe to take out the remaining inhabitants. It’s the same with us. Jesus bought us, but now wants to take the junk out of our lives so we can experience life today while being a better witness. Age doesn’t matter, living by faith does.

Caleb believed this. He was forty years old when he told Moses the Israelites could conquer their objective – Canaan – based on what he saw God do the Egyptians. At eighty, he was part of the leadership that followed Joshua in fulfilling that objective. It took five years, but he saw it through.

Yet at eight five, his biggest challenge still laid ahead of him. The land where he was going to live, Hebron, was a hilly region, which made fighting harder. Its cities were fortified, which meant battles could take longer. And if that were not enough, the biggest baddest Anakites (think of Goliath) lived there – the sons of Arba.

Caleb kept going, however, based on what God had already done. He believed that “with the LORD helping me, I will drive them out just as the He said.” Caleb saw what God had already done, so he kept doing what God wanted him to do.

Will you let your faith in what the LORD has already done grow to keep doing what He wants done in and through you? Age is a number, but faith has its levels.

May both grow larger!

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