In or Out

Your Heavenly Father has all you’ll ever need right where you live.

Centuries ago in England, there existed a battle in the church between those who wanted to live out their faith on a daily basis right where they lived (pietists), those who just wanted to live with Jesus for certain hours on Sunday morning (secularists); and those who wanted to live out their faith away from those who didn’t (separatists).

This same battle exists today. Which one are you? Before you answer, keep in mind that Jesus never asked the Father to take His disciples out of an anti-Judeo-Christian worldview world/country/state/city. Instead, He asked the Father to keep them from the evil one while living right where He had them (Jn. 17:14-19).

Furthermore, Jesus came to put us into a relationship with the Father (Jn. 14:6) where the Father lived inside us right now! And, one day would take us home. BUT, it’s not about the location of the relationship, but the relationship itself.

Are you in with living with the Father each day, which allows the dark world around you to see His light in you and then want what He has given you, real life despite one’s circumstances?

Or, have you checked out by thinking that going to church is enough? (For those who have given up on the church, don’t fool yourself. You could still be in this camp. It just looks different.) Or, checked out by seeking to leave a dark state/city for greener pastures, like heaven?

All three thought they were right. Yet, only one was. Discover who the Father wants you to be.

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