Keep Fighting

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston S. Churchill

Have you ever been in a wrestling match for your life? I have. It’s a story for another day. But it was a match that would cost me dearly if I quit.

Jacob was in such a fight. He was returning home from a long journey caused by his own doing: He and his mom thought they could fulfill God’s plan their way. They cheated. And, their plan backfired big time!

Jacob had to runaway to his Uncle Laban’s place where his past came back to bite him: Jacob gets cheated. Ten times his uncle rips up the contract (including a marriage contract) and rewrote it without Jacob’s agreement.

Jacob finally had enough and decided to face his past – his brother. On the way home, Jacob saw God work out His plan for his life by saving him from his uncle. God spoke to Laban and told him to back off, which he did.

Now was crunch time. He had to face his brother. Can you imagine the inner turmoil? In fact, Jacob rolled around in the dirt and dust with a man, who changed Jacob’s name to Israel because he had wrestled with God.

How that took place is another story. But for now, there will be times we struggle with our walks with God. Our choices begin to catch up to us; and then, we start to wonder how we will ever get through the obstacles of our own making.

How? First, don’t quit! God is big enough to handle your doubts, your fears, your weaknesses and your failures. He is God and will never break His promises, like “I will never leave or forsake you.” He was there for Jacob when he fled from his past/brother and when he returned to face his past/brother.

And second, keep fighting! You might be wrestling with your past, but it’s time to go forward in the present like Jacob did. Face it and defeat it with the joy of the Lord (see June 26),

As you do, you might have to get a little dirty, but instead of being called a failure, you’ll be called a victor in Christ! Victory comes to those who don’t quit, but keep fighting.

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