The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Do

plant WordJesus told a parable that He said if His hearers didn’t understand it, they’d never understand any thing He’d say from that point on. He then proceeded to tell the story of a person sowing seed into four types of soil.
They key to the story is the seed itself. Luke 8:11 tells us the seed is the Word of God. If you jumped to the conclusion that He meant the Bible, you’d be wrong. The phrase is logos theos in Greek or the logos of God. This phrase goes back to John 1:1 where it refers to Jesus Himself. Revelation 19:13 also calls Jesus the Word of God.
As the New Testament was being written, this phrase would take on additional meaning – the written word of God as well, but even then it would speak of Him (John 5:39). Fruit bearing seed will produce fruit. No seed means no fruit. No Jesus, no Word of God, equals no fruit.
You CANNOT experience Jesus, any of His life, nor the life He promised to those who follow Him without planting Him and His Word into you! It’s that simple.
Ask yourself, “I am listening to Jesus while reading His written word and His voice throughout my day?” How you answer that question will determine whether Jesus exchanges you with Himself to the point you’ll experience all that you’re looking for in life. You determine the type of fruit you’ll bear by the seed you plant. I pray the seed you plant is Jesus.
S“E”t Free Nowww

Burnt Toast if God Isn’t God

rainbowI saw a most interesting phenomena this morning on my prayer walk. I was out early enough to see the dew laying heavily on the newly planted fields across from my house. The sun was just beginning to rise over the hills. This combination caused my eye to see a rainbow just above the dew laden fields.
What was interesting was that with every step I took the rainbow moved along with me. It wasn’t out in front of me, nor did I leave it behind with the next step. Instead, it moved with me.
The rainbow is a symbol of God’s promises that He will keep. Our freedom is based on those promises. Our victory is grounded in Him keeping those promises. We’re toast if He doesn’t. We need those promises made and kept with each step we take…today. Tomorrow is another day. And yesterday is already gone. I need those promises the moment I have a decision to make.
Isn’t it good that God gives us ground hugging rainbows to remind us that He’s made us promises that if we choose to follow Jesus’ Word, we’ll experience all that we’re looking for in life? As secure children of God, our Father doesn’t give us burnt toast to eat, but living bread.
“S”et Free Nowww