Knowledge Dissemination vs. Knowledge Processing

This past week I put in a patio made of concrete pavers. Where did I go to learn how to accomplish this task? YouTube. The information worked great until I ran into challenges they didn’t talk about in the videos – drainage away from the house, the actual size of each stone, cement mixture, etc.
I had the “what” or facts, but I didn’t have the “how” when it came to actually putting in the patio. With the advent of the Internet and then smart phones, we literally have large amounts of data at our fingertips. But do we know how to use that information in real time situations?
I believe the Western Church has become like YouTube – great at disseminating knowledge, but she’s not done as good a job at helping people process that knowledge in daily life. This is the difference between biblical knowledge and wisdom. One is the what, the other is how to use the what. The what is only the first step in making healthy believers in Jesus. The next step is how to use those truths in every day situations that enables Christians to grow in their faith to become more like Jesus and to fulfill His purpose in and for their lives.
This is what a Biblical worldview is all about – it’s the how to think and then act biblically. It teaches and lets believers practice how to apply the Word to the situations they face each day. Only then will believers in Jesus truly be satisfied. This is the purpose of the book and blog, More Than a Sunday Faith.
Are you an information gather or user? Disseminator or processor?

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