Blow up Your Way of Thinking

You’ve got your coffee cup in its holder. Your cell phone is in its cradle. And your hands are on the wheel. It’s a beautiful day as you drive to work. The sun is shinning. The skies are clear. You’re enjoying your drive. Yet you seem to be going in circles. No matter how hard you try, you always end up in the exact same spot – home.
Guess where you are? The Autopia ride at Disneyland! The reason you end up at the same place is because there’s a guide rail that runs between your tires. Though you can turn the wheel, it will only let you turn so far before your tires hit the rail keeping you on the “road.” Yes, you’re “driving” the car, but only where Disneyland wants you to go. Though you’re driving the car, they’re in control of your life while you’re on their ride. The only way to drive some where different is to remove the guide rail.
If you want to see your life changed, you must remove the old guide rails within your thinking. Someone once said, “The systems you currently have are perfectly designed to give you the results you’re now getting.” It’s the same with your brain. If you don’t input new data from another source, your brain will think the same thoughts over and over again, always bringing you to the same destination.
Where do you get that new data? From the only source guaranteed to set you free from your drugs of choice – the Word of God. Running your old thoughts through your BWV – listening to Jesus, the Word of God, and doing what He says – is the only way to experience something different – freedom. “Blessed are they who keep His statues and seek Him with all their hearts.” (Psalm 119:2) If you want more peace and joy, you must listen to and follow what’s in the Word of God. What other source can make such a guarantee?
If you want to experience freedom from your drugs of choice, you must change the way you think. Your current system is designed to take you to them, rather to freedom in Christ. If you want to freedom, a changed life, you must blow up your old thinking through daily contact with the Word. Sure it’s not easy. Yes it will take time. But wouldn’t seeing new territory be more rewarding and satisfying?

S“E”t Free Nowww

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