Is It Working?

I recently had someone tell me, “Chris, you’re a pastor. It’s supposed to work for you. You can’t expect everyone to experience God like you.”
My standard answer these days is this, “Is your way of living working for you?” If it is, there’s nothing I can say to change your mind. Keep living each day the way you think best. I can teach you about living with a BWV until I’m blue in the face, but if you are not ready to hear it, you’ll simply keep on living the way you do.
But if it isn’t working, I’m ready to share about how Jesus’ way of living does. Jesus knows how we were created to live on this planet and for ever. Who better to listen to than the Creator Himself? Proverbs 10:29 states, “The way of the LORD is a refuge for the righteous.” The more I hear His voice and do what He says (i.e. a BWV), the better I feel about life today and tomorrow. Living His way keeps me safe, secure and loved.
Because my way of living wasn’t working, I was ready to listen to Jesus: the need to daily filter every aspect of my life through Jesus and His Word. Sure, it’s taken time to retrain my brain in “how” to use the Word, not just “know” the Word, in everyday decisions. Yet because I do, I’m experiencing more of Jesus’ love than I have ever felt before.
Sure, you can choose to live any way you so desire. No one is going to stop you, surely not me the pastor. Do remember this, though. There is freedom in choices, but not in their consequences. If you decide to live any way other than how Jesus created you to live, you won’t be satisfied.
Jesus didn’t come to only set pastors free from their drugs of choice. He came to set everyone free. He came to not only give pastors significance, but to every believer in Him as well. It’s your choice. Are you filtering your daily life through your biblically-based truth filter? If not, how’s it working for you?

Se“T” Free Nowww

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