Live Each Moment for Jesus

I can’t remember the direct quote, but one of the Navy Seals in the movie, Act of Valor, makes a statement similar to this. “I don’t want to die, but I’m ready to die. I have lived my life the way it should be lived. The worst thing is to die and then ask God for more time. More time for what? If you’ve lived each day with a purpose, then you don’t need more time. A person who begs their enemy to not kill them because they want more time to get things right, has not lived each day they way they should.”
This statement hit home with me. Am I ready to die, right now? Would I beg for more time to make things right with a certain person, to accomplish that task God gave me? Or could I say the words Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished.” He came. He lived each day in the presence of His Father (John 5:19). He accomplished the task His Father sent Him here to do. Jesus’ death and resurrection puts me into a relationship with my Father who told me who I am – a child of God. Jesus’ death and resurrection gives me a significant purpose for living each day, right where I am. I can be used by the Spirit to affect other lives for eternity.
Every day counts. This is the essence of living with a Biblical worldview. I can filter out life’s distractions in order to stay focused on Jesus in every moment of every day. This means I can do this in every area of my life, which makes each task I do significant.
I don’t want to die. But as I live each moment for Jesus, I can leave this planet with no regrets. I will be able to say as Jesus said, “It is finished.” And I believe I will then hear my Father say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Welcome home.”

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