New and Improved Truth?

You can sit in “church,” go to endless Bible studies, take Bible classes and listen to countless pastor’s podcasts. This is all fine and good. But Bible knowledge/facts won’t change your life until you put those facts to work. We live in a fallen world where Satan controls the message. Sometimes his lies are easy to spot. And sometimes they are packaged like the one in this comic strip.

How would you know if there was actually a Danae “Group”? You’d have to do some research. How do you know whether the messages you’re receiving throughout your day are lies? Do your research! Satan knows how to slip the “new and improved truths” past those who are uniformed
Be informed by reading the Word of God for yourself and listening to Jesus, the Word of God, give you the truths you’ll need to filter out your enemy’s lies. New and improved truth might be slick and sleek, but it can be filtered out with a biblically-based truth filter operating throughout your day, not just on Sunday. You must take “every thought captive” (2 Cor. 10:5) through the Word of God, not just some. Do more than hear God’s Word. Use it as your daily filter!

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