Routines Can Be Harmful to Your Health

We love our routines. We like it when life sails along on our schedules. They keep us at peace with ourselves and our worlds. “And Lord, help the person or situation that blows up my routine!”
Routines are not always a good thing, though. In fact, they can slow our walk with Jesus to a standstill. Routines keep us from hearing Jesus. We don’t need Him to speak to us as we’re in control. “Jesus, I know what to do and how to handle what’s coming next. I’ve done it before.”
They keep us from drawing closer to Jesus. “Sorry Jesus, I know You’re there, but You can go help someone else who really needs the help.” They also keep us from getting to know new things about Jesus. Why? You need new situations in order to see Him work on your behalf. Yet, you can’t get into new situations if you’re stuck in your old routines!
There is a saying about routines. “Routines are like ruts. They’re just an open ended grave.” They go on and on and on, and you’ll never go anywhere but where the rut takes you. Jesus came to give you life, which is outside of your ruts.
Will you take His hand out of your routine by giving Him your schedule today? A Biblical worldview filters everyday of your life, not just on Sunday. Today, will you listen to Him and stay at certain appointments longer? Will you let Him replace some items on your to-do’s list with items from His? Routines might make you feel good, but they keep you in bondage, which ruins your health. Choose today to hear from Jesus. You might even see Him show up in your life and learn something new!

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