Can You Hear Him Now?

We’ve all faced dropped calls or couldn’t hear the person on the other end of the line. When this happens to me, I usually end up calling the person back hoping to get better reception.
Our enemy loves to mess with our reception – the ability to hear from Jesus. He wants our calls to be dropped through distractions. He likes to create static through the various voices in our heads (the lies we and/or others have put there). He especially loves to create confusion by giving us tons of conflicting view points or too much information.
Living with our biblically-based truth filter turned “On”, is the only way to get clear reception. God has given us equipment to victoriously fight this battle against our enemy – the armor of God. If you read Ephesians 6:10-18, you’ll notice that every piece of armor is a specific biblical truth. The more you’re in the Book, the more you’ll catch on to how Jesus, the Word of God, thinks. This will enable you to quiet the voices and see through the conflicting view points.
You also were given a heavenly cell phone to keep in touch with your Chief Freedom Fighter – Jesus. We are told to “pray in the Spirit at all times” so we can cut through the distractions in order to hear from Jesus. You’ve got to keep your phone “on” if you want to hear what Jesus wants you to do in any given situation.
Want to experience freedom throughout your day? Put the truths into your head. Keep your filter on. And stay on the line! Jesus wants to talk with you. Can you hear Him now?

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