Trust While You Process

I love to read the comics. I find many illustrations that reinforce the Set Free Nowww principles (see About) that form the process of living with a Biblical worldview. One of those principles is Never give up yourself, Jesus won’t. Becoming like Jesus is a step by step, choice by choice process that takes time and trust. Yet we live in an instant solution society where TV shows solve problems in 30 minutes, songs in less than three minutes, and with a pill from a doctor. This attitude is seen in the following comic.

Though we laugh, we must filter out this lie! If God doesn’t change us with an instantaneous miracle, He will use the Set Free Nowww process laid out in His Word. We must choose to filter out the lie that we are not worthy of His love because He didn’t change us as fast as He did other believers. No, He loves us more than words can say. It is simply that He wants us to trust Him while staying in His process of change. It takes time to re-train our brains. Trust Him while He does it. It’s worth the wait!

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