Go Forward with Shields Up

I enjoy the sci-fi genre. I love how the various shows’ creators can imagine what might be possible in the future. One of the devices they’ve dreamed up is a shield for the spaceships. As a ship is about to encounter an uncertain situation or head into battle, the captain barks out, “Shields up!” These shields protect the ship from the coming danger. We have such a shield. It is called the shield of faith – faith in the truths of God’s Word.
You already know that challenges are coming in the new week that awaits you. Jesus said to watch and pray (“Shields up!”) for the events that will attempt to rob you of your peace in the midst of those challenges.
Are your shields at maximum strength through adding specific truths you need to fight off your drugs of choice (i.e. truths to defeat the lie-based messages your enemy uses on you)? Have you put those truths away in your memory so you can defeat the coming attacks? You know from experience that some weeks are harder than others, will this be a particularly hard one? If so, are you ready to go victoriously forward? Be prepared, “Shields up!”
A shield has many uses, but its main purpose is to protect you as you move forward. Don’t be caught with your shield down. Be spiritually ready to go forward in the truths God has given you to be victorious this week.
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