Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations

If you don’t get seasick, picture yourself in a small boat on a huge lake. It’s a nice sunny day, when all of a sudden you notice storm clouds rolling in that will soon block the sun. You think, “No big deal. I can handle this. They’re just clouds.” Next, you start to feel the wind picking up and blowing across your skin. Again, no big deal as you put on your sweatshirt.
The clouds get darker and the winds start whipping up good sized waves on the lake’s surface. The boat begins to rock every which way and the waves start coming over the sides of the boat. What was a leisurely and enjoyable boat ride that you could easily handle turned into an uncomfortable roller coaster ride that’s making you doubt your safety. Even the other passengers have begun to freak out.
In the front of the boat, where the action is the worst, one of the passengers is fast asleep! How could they possibly sleep like a baby in such weather? You wake him up asking, “How in the world can you sleep at a time like this?” He answers, “I can sleep so soundly because my focus is on the One who holds me in His hands. He controls my outcome, not this storm. I’m at peace so long as I keep my eyes on Him.”
I realize that I’m reading in to the story when Jesus slept in the midst of a storm (Matt. 8:23-27). I believe that I’m not too far off the mark, though. Jesus could be comfortably asleep on a boat with his head on a pillow in the midst of a very uncomfortable storm because He trusted His Father to take care of any and all outcomes.
We too can be at ease in unsettling circumstances when we realize that we are weak and trust in Him who is strong. When we come to act and focus on the biblical truth that Jesus is in control of our life’s outcomes, and not us, we too can be at peace in stressful times.

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