The Reason for Bringing Up the Past

It’s been said, “Those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it.” This is a scripturally sound statement. The Bible tells us to remember what our God has done (e.g. Deut. 7:18) because He knows we have such short memories!
When a new challenge comes, or the same challenge wrapped in a new situation, we freak out. “Why am I here looking at this same drug once more? Oh God why?” Calm down, stop and listen to Jesus, and then do what He says, which is to remember how He gave you victory in the past (maybe just yesterday?). He’s asking you to remember what He did yesterday so you will trust Him today. His peace will come when you do.
He is also asking us to remember the consequences of our bad choices (e.g. Deut. 9:7-8) as we tend to forget those as well. We must burn into our memories the negative aspects of taking our drugs of choice: how we felt when we blew it, what the physical results were when we took our drug of choice, and what we were thinking about minutes, days and weeks before we fell (you don’t just fall!). Again, Jesus is asking us to do this because He knows we have very short memories.
When our drug presents itself again, which we all know it will, all we can think about is how good it made us feel…as we took it! The Word of God says sin is pleasurable for a season. The consequences, however, can last days, weeks and years. Jesus is asking us to remember both how good victory felt and how terrible defeat felt. This gives us the kind of information we need to make a faith choice when our drug pops up. And hopefully this time, we’ll make a faith choice to listen to Jesus, do what He says and experience victory.
The only reason to bring up the past is to learn from it. Those who fail to remember are more than likely to fail again. Remember, learn from the past to live victoriously in the present.

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