Whichever Father is Bigger Wins!

Oh the playground banter that goes on between children. Ever remember hearing this one, “My dad can beat up your dad?” We just knew our dads would come to our rescue.
As a child of God, how big is your Father? How you view Him has a lot to do with whether you’ll have that running conversation with Him and experience victory over your drugs of choice. The bigger your view of God is the smaller your challenges become.
Whether you like or not, you have another father looming large in your world – Satan, the father of lies. Whoever is bigger is the one you will run to when challenges come, and will be the one you’ll listen to for solutions. There is a battle going on for your mind. Victory over your drugs of choice depends on the one you spend time with throughout your day – the lie-based messages or the truth-based messages in your head.
You received a new Father when you placed your faith in Jesus. How big is your new Daddy? The Bible records that we have a God so big that words will never be quite adequate to describe Him. We also have a Father who loves to blow up our boxes about who we think He is. He wants to loom larger than life in your mind so you will run to Him as your refuge, and be comfortable enough to have that running conversation with Him.
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Get a larger view of your Heavenly Father by daily getting into the Word of God and listening to Him. Come near God today and He will come nearer to you (James 5:8). Peace is just a conversation away.
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