Turning the World Upside Down

If there ever was a time the world, let alone America, needed “Christians” to be Jesus in their worlds that time is rapidly approaching, if it’s not already here.
“Forget the stagnant American economy and our severe debt crisis and the rapidly mounting troubles in Greece and Spain, at least for a moment. Consider what’s driving the news just this week: Pornography – Did you know the #1, #2 and #3 books on Amazon today are the Fifty Shades of Grey novels that are being widely described as “Mommy Porn” and have already sold more than 10 million copies in just six weeks? (June 6) Cannibalism – “Exclusive: Causeway Cannibal Had Bible, Recently Smoked Pot When He Attacked,” CBS Miami, June 6, 2012. Gay Rights – “Prop. 8: appeals courts set stage for Supreme Court review of gay marriage,” Christian Science Monitor, June 6, 2012. Abortion – “President Obama, 168 House Members Defend Sex-Selection Abortion,” National Right To Life news story, May 31, 2012.
“What in the world is going on? Yes, we face the very real possibility of an economic collapse in the not-too-distant future. But is it possible that we’re already imploding culturally? The country is deep in a full blown political war between Democrats and Republicans, but do we honestly believe either party or presidential nominee knows how to fix the mess we’re in? And where is the Church? In a nation of tens of millions of self-professed born-again, evangelical Christians, how can we be in so much trouble? And is there any hope of turning this around?” (http://flashtrafficblog.wordpress.com)
Yes, there is hope. It comes in the form of Jesus living in and through His people on a daily basis, not just on Sunday. For this to happen though, things must change within the Western Church. Research reveals that only 9% of those who claim to be born-again live with a Biblical worldview. This means that only 1 out of 10 “Christians” lives each day in Jesus’ presence; whereas, 91% don’t listen to Jesus, let alone act like Him. No wonder the Church has little, if any, impact on our world today for Jesus.
Oh that believers today would have this statement made about them that was made about 1st century believers, “These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.” (Acts 17:6 KJV)
As we head into the weekend, let’s not just go to church this Sunday or play with Jesus. Let’s re-commit ourselves to filtering each day through our biblically-based truth filter formed by the Word of God, Jesus Himself. When believers in Jesus do this, we will bring true hope and change to our world.

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