Desire Without Discipline Leads to Disappointment

I love sitting on my patio looking out over my backyard. I keep thinking, “God, I’m so grateful You gave us this place.” It’s such a relaxing view. Until I see the weeds. Gotta love ‘em, don’t ya? No! I’ve got a few mushrooms by my apple tree and weeds in my crushed DG walkway. All this adds up to work for me. I have to get the little things done in order to keep on enjoying this wonderful view.
It’s the same with our thinking. If we want to enjoy a peace that can’t be described (Phil. 4:6-7), we must discipline ourselves to use our biblically-based truth filter to weed out the little thoughts so they don’t grow into major disappointments in our actions. King Solomon observed that a man who lacks self-control is like a city whose walls are broken down (Prov. 26:28). You’re defenseless, which leads to defeat and disappointment.
I’ve discovered that if I let my guard down in one area of my thinking, it opens up to defeat and disappointment in other areas of my life as well. If we want to keep on enjoying the view of a beautiful yard, we must pull the weeds out before they grow too tall and block our view. If you desire to have victory over your drugs of choice, you must discipline yourself to keep your filter on and through the Spirit’s power don’t let lie-based thoughts roll around in your head. Be self-controlled through the Spirit’s power to focus on the truth-based messages, and you’ll never experience disappointment because of your actions. I only wish my friend would have kept their filter on. They would be alive to enjoy the view with today.
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