Recipe for Defeat/Disaster

I read many Christian formulas in my search to defeat my anger problem. I read about the following one in a Christian magazine. First, you need to change your environment by changing who you hang out with. You should hang around those who exhibit the behavior you want in your life. Second, you should check your behavior and then put a mark on your calendar each day you accomplished the “right” things, (i.e. focus on the behavior itself). Third, you should have a group of friends who will hold you accountable to doing the “right” things. In Christian circles both step two and step three can be handled in a small accountability group. Then as if he missed something, the writer threw in God’s grace and mercy in case you made mistakes along the way.
This is a recipe for defeat and disaster as it keeps you focused on the wrong person – you and your behavior. Folks, you’re the one who got you into the problem in the first place! How can you be the solution? The biblical process of change is found in the biblical principles Set Free Nowww, which include the previously mentioned tools. Without getting rid of the lies in our head, our enemy’s weapons (John 8:43-44; 2 Cor. 10: 3-6), that lead and keep us in bondage (if practicing the truth sets us free, then practicing lies enslave), however, we will never experience lasting victory and stay free. Romans 12:2 is very clear on this point. We must stop focusing on our behavior and start filtering out the lies in our heads, which is a crucial element for victory.
I only wish my friend would have practiced what we’d been talking about. In this person’s own words, they just couldn’t get the “stuff” out of their head. This “stuff”, the lies, mistakes and disappointments, led to their defeat. Keeping this struggle to themselves, also a lie, led to a disastrous choice. They were not alone!
In making you God’s child, the Father placed tremendous value upon you! Don’t cheapen what Jesus did! Live a Set Free life with Jesus Nowww!

“Set Free Nowww”

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