God Loves You That Much

I recently read an article about a teenage girl who ran away from home screaming at her father as she ran out of the house, “I can’t stand you! I hate you! I don’t even want to be around you!” After hearing this tirade her father, who was in great emotional pain, remained calm and said, “But I love you more. And the door will always be open to you.”
He realized his daughter was making a huge mistake he couldn’t stop. He also realized that when his daughter’s way of doing things started to fail, which he eventually knew it would, she would need a home and a set of loving arms to return to – his. His love allowed Him to remain calm and wait out his daughter. Oh by the way, his daughter did return home.
This is a perfect view of the kind of Heavenly Father we have as children of God. He knows when we will leave His presence and when we will return. He knows when we’ll take our drug of choice and the exact moment we’ll turn to Him as our fortress instead.
There is a saying, “The older your kids get, the smarter you become.” Our Father uses this same thought with His children. He knows we’ll think our way of living is better than His. He also knows that our way will not work and eventually we’ll see His way is much better. In the process of our figuring this out, out of His great love for us, our Father leaves the door wide open and return path uncluttered. He is willing to let us walk (dare say run at times?) away, though it causes Him great pain, so we’ll realize what He’s been telling us is best.
If you don’t understand how much your God loves you, you’ll find it very difficult to trust Him, let alone get up and walk with Him again when you fall. There is no greater love than God sending His only child to die so you could become His child. There is no greater love than a man laying down his life for a friend, which Jesus did and is what He calls us. God loves you that much. As His child He only asks that you trust Him. When you do, victory comes.

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