Turn Out The Light – What?

A Harvard researcher recently studied the effects of iPads and iPhones on sleep. His discovery has spiritual implications for healthy believers. His research showed that when a person uses those devices at night, the blue light emitted by them hindered the person’s ability to sleep. The blue light tricked their brain into thinking it was daytime, which heightened their alertness; thus, disturbing their sleep. Furthermore, the closer the device was to their face, the greater their sleep disturbance became. This is why a TV’s blue light doesn’t affect a person as much as the handheld devices because the TV is generally further away from their eyes.
The blue or unnatural light, which copies the sun or natural light, has harmful side effects. Sound familiar? Our enemy is called an “angel of light”, who tries to duplicate Jesus, but brings only harmful results with him – you become restless rather than rested.
Our Father is asking us to trust Him to focus on Jesus, the true sun light. Sometimes what He’s telling us, though, doesn’t make sense as it’s much easier to focus on the enemy’s unhealthy light (i.e. our drugs of choice). It’s been said, “Truth is stranger than fiction; fiction has to make sense.” Our brains have been stained by a sinful nature and our sinful choices. Therefore, truth will sound unbelievable or unnatural at times; and yet, our Father is asking us to trust Him anyway.
If we, as children of God, want to experience victory over the harmful side effects of our drugs of choice, we must choose to focus on and get closer to Jesus, the natural light. Yes, we must turn out the light – the liar and his lies. And we must turn on Jesus, the Light of the World.

“S”et Free Nowww

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