It Hurts Real Good

Ever walked into a table with your shin? I remember doing this as a kid and hearing my mom say, “It’s going to feel good when it stops hurting.” I’d laugh because it hurt so good, but I sure was going to avoid doing that again.
It’s the same with our drugs of choice. The feel good begins when the feel bad really hurts. When the effects of sin hurt bad enough that we remember them as bad when our drugs of choice resurface like our living room table, then we’re ready to be changed by Jesus and experience the feel good He brings.
Yes, all sin is pleasurable…temporarily. The false light (Turn Out The Lights – What?), Satan, wants us to only remember that our drugs of choice made us feel good, which they do…for a moment.
What our Heavenly Father wants us to remember is the pain we felt from hitting our shin on the table, the after effects of taking our drugs of choice. When we choose to remember the pain more than the pleasure of taking our drugs of choice, we’re ready for Jesus to change us. When it hurts real good, we’re more opt to remember not to take them next time.

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