Little Choices Big Freedom

I remember as a kid going to the local high school for junior lifeguard training. The instructors had you start in the “little pool” and work your way up to the “big pool” where two springboard diving boards awaited you – a “low dive” and a “high dive.” If you wanted to jump off the high dive (I never dove off – too scary. It was cannon ball city!), you had to climb rung by rung up a ladder that seemed to go way up into the sky. At least that’s what if felt like to a 10 year-old kid.
It’s the same way if you want to experience freedom from your drugs of choice. You don’t just end up repeating that sinful behavior, you’ve been making small choices along the way there. I read the other day, “The small choices in our lives are the rungs of the ladder of the high diving board from which big choices make their grand leap.” You don’t just jump. You’ve chosen to climb each rung of the ladder. You don’t just fall into your drug of choice. You’ve been thinking about it long before you took it.
If you want to experience freedom you must first decide that you want it. Then you must choose to make the small little choices throughout your day that will either lead you toward your drug of choice or toward Jesus. It’s the little choices that lead to the big decisions.
Some of the little decisions can be where you go (to a computer in a room where everyone can see you or one in your room), who you hang out with (friends who will fight for your freedom or make it easy to fall), what you listen to (build you up or make you mad), what thoughts you allow to roll around in your head (I’m a loser or a child of God), etc.
Keep your running conversation going with God so you can ask for His help with each step of the climb. Remember, big freedom comes from the small choices you make throughout your day.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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