That’s What Friends Are For

I talked about how we view our challenges in yesterday’s Perspective Is Crucial. Today, I want to continue that story by focusing on the friends who helped me get the job done. I couldn’t have gotten the materials home without their help, in this case a car trailer. I couldn’t have finished the project on time without their help. The finished project wouldn’t have look so good without their help.
Want to know the hardest part of the project? Picking up the phone and asking for help! Isn’t that crazy? I couldn’t have gotten the job done without their help. My friends were more than willing to help. In fact, they love doing this kind of thing! By not calling them, I would have robbed them of the joy they would have gained from being used by Jesus. By not calling, instead of breezing through the project, I would have suffered for hours in the hot sun.
My frustration was already present from the fact my materials were five days late. It would have grown in getting those materials home in my small truck, which might not have happened; thus, incurring more costs by having to rent a vehicle. It would have continued to increase with each decision I’d have to make in getting the job done. As my frustration levels grew, I would more than likely have taken one of my drugs of choice if I had let my “I” problem get in the way and not made that call.
When we realize we’re weak, we’re ready to let others be strong for us (2 Cor. 10:9-10). The strong suck it up and end up losing. The weak ask for help and experience victory. The Bible contains over 38 one another commands. You think God is trying to tell us something? If we want to experience victory over our drugs of choice, we’ll need to pick up that phone.
This is what the body of Christ should be about – helping each other stay in Jesus’ presence to experience the abundant life He came to give us. This is what friends are for – in good time and in bad times – they allow God to use them to strengthen us to become more like Jesus. It’s a win:win situation. They feel joy by helping. We feel joy by experiencing victory. I’m still smiling over what the Lord did through my friends. Are you?

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