Turn Bad Memories Into Good Ones

In returning to the “long overdue project” saga, I hurt myself loading the materials onto the trailer. The materials were five days late and were hours late once they finally did arrive. In not wanting to waste time, I rushed to get the materials loaded onto my friend’s car trailer. In doing so, I fell through the gap on the trailer floor and whacked my shin on the trailer’s railing. Oh boy did it hurt. I can still see the blood roll down my leg into my sock. I remember thinking, “What a stupid thing to do! I’m so dumb.”
The comedy was not over! The material was still not on the trailer. After brushing myself off, I picked up the material and walked backwards to get it on the trailer. This time I stepped onto something and proceeded to fall off, again! Now, I’m really feeling stupid. Everyone is laughing, including me. It was then they said, “We better keep the pastor away from the power tools!” This brought on more laughter. I have to admit it was kind of funny. In the span of 30 seconds I whacked my shin and almost cracked my head open.
I will have a scar on my shin in a few days. What will I remember when I see that scar? My hurried and painful falls or what a blessing it was to have the trailer in the first place? Will I focus on how inept I was or the fact that I realized I was weak, made a phone call, and the project turned out awesome? I had a choice to see it from my perspective or God’s. You know the answer from Perspective is Crucial.
We all have scars – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – in our lives. Some put there by others and some put there by us. What are you going to do with those scars? Your answer has everything to do with your drug of choice.
You’ll experience more peace, love, security and joy if you choose to let Jesus heal them. Or you can be drawn by your enemy to your drug of choice because of the pain you feel, causing you even more pain. Keep in mind, however, the situation that caused the scar is no longer happening. Who’s causing the pain now? You are by choosing not to replace the old memory with a new one.
I chose to turn a painful and embarrassing memory into a peaceful and enjoyable one. Every time I see the scar I’ll put up my shield of faith and remember how God provided two good friends who helped me get the project done. You can make that choice as well. Once you do, you’ll experience the freedom Jesus came to give you.

Se“T” Free Nowww

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  1. Good message Chris, you hit the spot today, have had a lets say “trying” time the past few weeks between work, school and family. I do not normally need a pick me up with my “never give up” moto, but u picked me up today. Thanks man, your message was needed and appreciated.

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