You’re Jesus to Someone

There’s one more Biblical worldview application to the original Perspective is Crucial story – you are Jesus to those around you.
On the first day I went to pick up my materials, only to discover that they were not in, I told the person at the order desk, “I guess the Lord doesn’t me to work today. He wants me to take the day off to relax.”
He said, “When the Lord talks, you better listen.” I agreed wholeheartedly. I went on to make other comments about Jesus in hopes that I could share the Lord with him. No further comments were made, so I left it there.
I called this same guy before I went to the material yard two days later when the materials were supposed to be ready. I called and they weren’t. He said they would now be in by late morning. I called a few hours later only to find out that they would not be in until early afternoon.
A person with a Sunday-morning-only faith would have had every “right” to blow up at this point. The original deadline was Monday and now it was pushed back until early Friday afternoon. I had lost my original help and now my new help might be in jeopardy. I had every right to cancel the special order and let the store eat the costs of the material. They had not kept their promises to me.
I had, though, let this person know I believed in Jesus. I have the responsibility to let Jesus shine through me every where I go, not just at church on Sunday. I was hoping to get another shot at sharing about Jesus, who is a lot more important than my material order or my project. Would this person see Jesus or me?
Honestly I did say, “You’re killing me here.” I then put this situation through the FREEdom process, which calmed me down, and said, “Please call me when they are in,” which he did when they finally arrived.
No demands, no threats, hopefully they saw Jesus shine through me. I don’t know. I do know, however, they would not have gotten a glimpse of Him if I acted the way “I” wanted to act. We are Jesus to those around us. Hopefully they will see Jesus wherever we go.

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  1. Hello! Great article!!! I’m sure the store clerk DID see Jesus in you, cuz I’m sure he’s only too acquainted with how people in your shoes *would* have responded!!!! 🙂 I’m sure the Lord was saying “Well done, my good and faithful servant”!!!

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