Can’t Jump Start the Processing Process

It’s been so hot in the past month and a half that I haven’t ridden my motorcycle much. You could tell this was true when I went out to start it last week and saw cobwebs around the tires! I’m sure glad no one saw it. I was more than a little embarrassed.
Nevertheless, I hopped on it. Put the key in the ignition. Flipped the starter switch to “On.” Rolled the throttle to give it gas. Pushed the starter button. Nothing. I gave it more gas. Nothing. I gave it more gas. Nothing. Hey, if a little gas is good, a lot must be better, right? Wrong! I gave it more gas and ended up flooding it! I wasn’t going anywhere now, which caused me even more embarrassment.
I knew better; and yet, here I was trying to start my bike and go. It doesn’t work that way. My bike’s very hard to get it running if I don’t start it on a regular basis. It is the same with the FREEdom process. I shouldn’t expect it to work if I’m not using it on a regular basis either.
To say to yourself, “I don’t understand it. I thought I was strong, but I just fell,” when your drug of choice came lurking at your door is to deceive yourself. The truth was that you were thinking about indulging in it long before you took it. If you want your Biblical worldview to work when you need it, you’ve got to process the little decisions you face each day, not just the big ones. You’ve got practice, practice, practice. The more you do the greater peace and freedom you’ll enjoy.

Set “FREE” Nowww

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