Imperfect Masterpieces

This morning the Weather Channel put out an “Excessive Heat Warning” where I live. It was only 104 degrees and climbing at 11am in the morning. That didn’t matter. I had to go on a prayer walk. I had to process some heavy discouragement and prayer walking helps me do this.
I’d just spent some quality time with the Lord in the Word. I’m in 2 Kings and Proverbs for my morning BIG reading. I sure needed the truth the Spirit gave me in Proverbs 19:21, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” I circled it in my Bible and committed it to memory. Oh, I’m glad I did.
A wave of discouragement came over me that I couldn’t shake. I knew I had to literally walk with the Lord at that moment. All I could “think” about was the mistakes I’d made on a previous project the Lord asked me to do. I saw them all. I don’t need to go into all I said to myself, but I had to stop the “beat-me-up” session that was going on in my head. This is where the truth the Spirit gave me came into play. As I began to process my mistakes through this truth (His purposes will always prevail) at the point of the lie (I make mistakes that can keep His purposes from being accomplished) a smile returned to my face and my heart was greatly encouraged.
I read the Word. Proverbs 19:21 was lifted of the page off Scripture and put into my head. The Lord asked me to do the project (I purposely didn’t mention it so you can insert anything from your daily to-do list) and I did what He said to do, mistakes and all. Satan began to have a field day, but this truth struck him down. The Lord will accomplish His will despite my mistakes. Does that mean I intentionally mess up? No way! The Bible says to do whatever I do for His glory. He can still, however, use the work of my imperfect hands to turn out a masterpiece. Once again, a Biblical worldview works in real life.
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