Processing Starting Point

We love quick fixes. Our music states and solves a problem in 3-5 minutes. Our TV show heroines get in and out of trouble in 22 minutes. We hope one doctor prescribed pill will solve our physical challenges. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. This isn’t the real world you and I live in.
Yes, God can change our lives in the blink of an eye like a TV show producer. Yet, this is not the everyday real world process He uses. We must have faith in the process He laid out in Scripture to experience freedom – the FREEdom process, which doesn’t start with E, but F.
If we want to keep experiencing the freedom Jesus gave us, we must Freeze frame (stop and examine) every thought that comes into our heads so the Spirit can Expose the lie(s) and Exchange it with the truth. Now through the Spirit’s power we can Exercise the truth. We can’t exercise something we know nothing about! The Spirit will not help us exercise a lie that leads to sin. No, He will give us strength to exercise the truth once He’s washed our brains of the lies.
It’s like asking God to start your car when there’s no gas in the tank. You’re on empty if your brain has lies in it. At worst, you’re going no where but your drug of choice because that’s where all lies will lead you. At best, you’re life will become a white knuckle ride where you’ll hang on until you get to heaven as victory is totally be up to your will power. This is not what Jesus promised.
He came to and has set believers free. We can experience real life both now and when we get to heaven. The starting point for both is what’s rolling around in your head. God’s prescription is to trust Him everyday by processing your daily life through the FREEdom process using His Word.

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  1. I’m only on chapter 3 of your book so far, cause I’ve been camping the last 2 days. 🙂 I’m liking it thus far! I’m really needing to learn how to filter. We’re back from camping as we only went for 2 days while my hubby was off. But don’t worry…a semi~green lake, trash ALL over the place, a rats nest in trees above us and loud teenagers next to us at camp site…hahahaahaha! We had a blast just being together as a family! How’s that for filtering??

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