Hide ‘N Seek

One of the games we played as kids to pass the cool summer nights was hide ‘n seek. Before construction crews started tearing down the houses near our house and putting up apartments, we had some great hiding places to keep from being found.
It seems those who live in the West today have turned this children’s game into an art form in their daily lives. One author recently wrote, “We lead busy lives because we’re afraid to face ourselves. We lead busy lives because somehow, in our world, being busy makes us feel like we are good people. We must be; after all, look at everything we are doing!”
Is the reason we want to hide from ourselves is because we don’t like what we see? And is that because of what we’re currently doing, others have done to us or what we ourselves have done to mess up our lives? This is what Jesus came to fix! When we placed our faith in Jesus we became children of God. Our Father knows everything stored in our heart, soul, and mind (Heb. 4:13); and still says, “I love you!” Our God knows everything we have done, are doing and will do and shouts out, “I love you!”
There is no need to hide from such a God as we have! And it was this God who laid out the process to release us from our past and present so we can walk in freedom now and in the future. This process makes up the principles of a Biblical worldview.
Want to slow down and stop being afraid of looking in the mirror? By faith make the choice to start exercising the Set Free Nowww principles right now.

“Set Free Noww”

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  1. Believe it or not, the blogs you send out give me that boost and thirst to read and reach out to Him. Thank you so much for your awesome dedication!

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