You Need Other Believers

In an old Indiana Jones movie there’s a great fight scene where “Indy” is trying to save the day. Then a friend of mine, who also saw the movie, asked me, “Hey, did see the part where Indy eats a fly?” I thought they were joking…until I re-watched the movie. Sure enough, one second there is a fly buzzing around Indy’s mouth and the next second it’s gone! I would have never noticed it had not a friend pointed it out to me. It’s the same with our walks with Jesus. We need other believers to see things that we just won’t see.
A few weeks back I was told through a common friend that I had eaten the fly by hurting another friend’s feelings. I was clueless as to what I had done so I called this person up to find out what I had done and to clear the air. Come to find out, they thought I didn’t like them because I raised my voice during a discussion a group of us were having. You have to know me, but when I get excited about something, the pitch and volume of my voice tends to rise. I’m not angry at all, just excited. When my friend told what I had done, I quickly asked for their forgiveness, which they did, and said that’s something the Spirit is working on in my life.
We can’t “see” everything in our lives. Sometimes the Spirit will point out flies all by Himself. Other times He will use other believers. If you’re going to live with a Biblical worldview and taste and see that your Lord is indeed good, you will need other believers to loving point out what you simply can’t see. I praise God for my friend who pointed out where I’d eaten the fly. Do you have someone who will apply James 5:16 with you? If so, are you in a Bible Impact with them? If not, it’s time you do. You’re eating flies and not even knowing it.

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