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Yesterday I told you the story of a gentleman who always wanted to be race car driver. His sons gave him a chance to “race” a car as a birthday present after he had retired from his “real” job.
Here’s another lesson we can learn from this story. After experiencing tremendous discomfort from being caged in, from the heat of the car, track and equipment he had to wear, from driving without music, and from hardly being able to move, let alone shift gears, he couldn’t wait to get out of the car from which he never wanted to return! His entire life he idolized the men and women who got to race cars for a living and it only took one ride to show him he would have hated every minute of it.
Comparing yourself to someone else by envying the role God gave them will only end in disappointment and discouragement, both of which can lead to your drug(s) of choice. Discover who you are as a child of God. Be comfortable in the skin God gave you. Then make a difference right where He placed you by doing the “good works” that He prepared for you to do each day (Eph. 2:10). Keep your blinders on (see yesterday’s entry) by focusing on the journey He has for you, not for someone else, by listening to and doing what Jesus says to do right now, right where you are (i.e. a Biblical worldview). Significance and satisfaction are coming your way, both of which lead to freedom!

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One thought on “Focused on Your Journey

  1. LOVED today’s posting! What a great description to remind us that we were created in God’s image NOT the person’s next to us. Yes, although you may physically resemble a parent or family member; it will still be God’s image and the personality HE gave you that will be revealed. That concept is both profound, overwhelming and at times complicated.

    Some people take a lifetime to be comfortable in the skin he/she is in. It takes even longer when you do not have a relationship with God thru Jesus. At times when one is being transformed by either the Word or thru fire/circumstances; being comfortable isn’t even a concept one can grasp or even envision.
    Thankfully if you’re reading the Word; you have wonderful visuals of people who have learned to become comfortable with who God created him/her to always be. Hopefully, you also recognize that sometimes the people around us may not be comfortable with who God has created you to be (or becoming) or even with the transformation that is happening to you personally. In those times, it may be a struggle of knowing and believing the root of your “identity”. That’s where this blog is extremely vital and life preserving or altering. Matt 10:38-39, Galatians 1:10 and Proverbs 29:25 is what this post brings to mind.
    The process of “becoming comfortable” means: making mistakes, learning from mistakes, making better choices, identifying who and what you’re listening to, listening differently, learning and finding your voice as well as becoming familiar with the voice of God, becoming sensitive to the Holy Spirit and becoming familiar with the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Each one taking time to be identified, cultivated and developed. The process is not always comfortable but doable IF you faint not.

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