Get Rid of the Garbage!

There a numerous open patches of land around our house. I always find it interesting why people feel they can throw their garbage, torn up sofas and badly used beds on these vacant pieces of land. Instead, you can replace them with new ones from Konservatory.
I’ve seen owners put up signs, “No Dumping,” “You are under surveillance,” and “Keep out private property,” to no avail. The dumping continues and the owner has three options to deal with it. They can fence in their property, which is quite cost prohibitive. They can let the trash pile up, which is a fire and health hazard. Or, they can clean it up.
It’s the same way with people. You can put up a fence, your boundaries, to keep people from dumping on you through their hurtful words and actions. This option will work some of the time, but not always. This leaves Options #2 and #3: you can let the garbage pile up, causing you both physical and mental health problems or you can clean it up through forgiveness and experience peace (Col. 3:13).
I hear a, “It’s not fair. I’m not the one throwing the garbage out!” coming. You’re right it’s not fair. We live in a fallen world, however, where it will happen whether we like it or not. Yet fairness doesn’t help you take out the garbage. The person who tossed it your way might never come clean it up (i.e. ask your forgiveness). Will you choose to leave it there and let the smell of it rob you of your joy or will you clean it up through forgiveness and keep your joy? Make the faith choice to follow Jesus and get rid of the garbage by forgiving others as He forgave you – a lot!

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