One Step at a Time

There is a fable that goes something like this. “One day an ant asked a centipede, ‘How do you know which leg to move next?’ The centipede pondered the question and replied, ‘I guess I’ve never thought about it.’ But the more he thought about the question, the more perplexed he became until finally he was so confused he couldn’t walk at all.”
We get so wrapped up in trying to figure everything out, why this is happening, why that didn’t happened and a multitude of all sorts of other questions that we simply forget to walk with Jesus! We contemplate our navels to the point that we, not Satan or others, rob of us the joy and peace Jesus wants to bring into and burst forth from our lives.
If God was willing to send Jesus to die for you and make you His child, will He not continue to provide for you along the way (Rom. 8:31-32)? Stop over thinking life and live it! Let’s stop thinking about ourselves and be ready for the opportunities to bring hope to those around us, those who don’t yet realize that Jesus is the answer.
So relax, keep listening to and doing what Jesus says to do each step of the way and be ready to let others know where your hope comes from.

“S”et Free Nowww

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