Rid Yourself of Empty Calories

I read a study years ago that showed hunger pains can be the body’s way of letting you know it needs water. When I sense I’m getting hungry I’ll drink water first (note: soda has very little water content) instead of grabbing something to eat, which usually was something with almost zero nutritional content. If I’m still hungry after that I’ll get something to eat. Following this regimen, I’m not only helping my body work as it should, it’s also an excellent way to keep my weight under control!
We all have hunger pains or needs that must be met. The challenge is not our needs, but how we go about meeting them. Where we will turn when our need for love, significance or security arises or is threatened? Empty calories/our drugs of choice? Or the Source of Living Water, Jesus?
This is where Scripture memorization comes into play. It’s important to have scriptural truths at hand to fight off your enemy’s lies just like it’s good to have water around when hunger arises. As you’re reading the Word each day, the Spirit will give you the necessary truths to fight off your triggers (i.e. hunger pains) that make you want your drug of choice (empty calories). When He gives us these truths we must put them into our shield of faith that can extinguish our enemy’s darts/lies, which means our needs will be satisfied in a healthy and lasting manner.
Want to shed the unwanted pounds/baggage of your drugs of choice? It’s time to grab the Living water instead of the empty calories.

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