Gotta Use The Filter

I came across an article entitled, “Bible Tops America’s 10 Favorite Books of All Time”. It stated that “regardless of which demographic group they belong to – male-female, Republican-Democrat or young-old – Americans named the Bible as their favorite book of all time … research puts Bible ownership at an average of four per household.”
This is an average of four per every household in America, not just Christians. With so many Bibles laying around, you’d think American would be an ideal place to live and Christians would be making a difference in American life. The statistics don’t show this to be taking place.
The problem is not access to the Bible, but getting into and practicing it. 9 out of 10 “born again Christians” may read it, but are not filtering their life through it. Life will never be satisfying unless the No. 1 Book is read and used to listen to Jesus by picking up your biblically-based truth filter on a daily basis.
Are you part of the 90% of believers who leave their filter at church on Sunday or the 10% that filters every decision through it? If you’re the former, you’re deceiving yourself like the rest of Americans who have, but don’t use the book (James 1:22). If you’re the latter, practicing the Word of God will keep you free to enjoy the abundant life Jesus promises.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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